NAEC operates and maintains approximately 2000 miles of distribution lines in Jackson and Marshall Counties in Alabama. The power is delivered to its customers via 7 substations NAEC owns and/or maintains.

We at NAEC are ever striving to improve the system to maintain reliable service to its consumers. Even with this we cannot guarantee your power will always be on. Just like everything in life, the distribution system is affected by many different problems occurring often at a very inconvenient time. Things creating problems for the distribution system include weather, animals, equipment problems or failure, trees and vines, etc. All of the above have an effect on providing electrical service to you.

NAEC is continuing to install additional sectionalizing equipment to help reduce the number of customers affected for certain outages. Lightning arresters are being installed to help reduce the number of lightning related outages.

We are continuing to improve our mapping and outage management systems in order to help us determine where outages are occurring. This helps us make better decisions on where to dispatch crews.